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Approved March 9th, 2021


The name of this association is HILLCREST TOWN COUNCIL and referred to in these bylaws as the HTC.


The mission of the Hillcrest Town Council is to provide a voice and enhance the quality of life for Hillcrest residents while supporting actions that benefit our neighborhood. For the purposes of HTC policies, Hillcrest residents will be defined as people living in Hillcrest who are renters, homeowners or unhoused.

The purposes of this corporation are to provide a forum that gives voice to the community, to communicate neighborhood views to appropriate government agencies, and to act on neighborhood issues, which include but are not limited to, generally improving the safety, cleanliness, sustainability and overall livability of the Hillcrest neighborhood while fostering cooperative efforts among residents and businesses for their mutual benefit, and continuing to preserve the character of the Hillcrest community.


Members are defined as individuals residing in the greater Hillcrest Community with the northern border as Meade Avenue, southern border as Laurel Street, western border as Goldfinch Street and eastern border as Florida Street.

In lieu of a membership fee, members attending meetings may be asked to make a voluntary donation. Meetings of the Town Council are open to the general public.


The number of directors shall initially be five (5). Directors shall serve for a term of two years. Three Directors shall be elected in odd calendar years; two in even-numbered years.

A member is eligible to serve on the Board if they: 1) live within the borders of the HTC, as specified in Article 3, and 2) have attended three (3) community meetings, at least one of which must be an Advisory Committee meeting.

If the annual meeting is conducted in person, elections for the Board will be conducted by paper ballot. A simple plurality vote of Members present at the annual meeting shall be used to determine winners of the election. If the candidate(s) are unopposed, the election may be held by voice vote.

If the annual meeting is held on Zoom or other online platform, elections may be held by show of hands or by voice vote. Candidates will be asked to step out of the "room" during this process. A simple plurality vote of Members present at the annual meeting shall be used to determine winners of the election.

Nominations, of self or other, for the Board may be made by any Member. Nominations shall require a second by another Member. Proof of Member residency and attendance at a requisite number of monthly and Advisory Committee meetings may be required.

After the election of Directors, the Board will elect its officers by a simple majority vote. Officers shall consist of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. The remaining Directors shall be Members-at-large. Officers shall serve for a term of one year.

Any vacancy on the Board occurring mid-term shall be filled by appointment of the Board. A Board member may be removed by simple majority vote of the Board.

The Board shall be responsible for all matters of this corporation, including but not limited to, finances, operations, communications, chairing the Advisory Committee, and determining matters to be brought before Members.

The Chair shall chair all meetings and manage all follow-up actions. The Vice Chair will assume the responsibilities of the Chair in his/her/their absence. The Secretary shall take meeting minutes and maintain all records. The Treasurer shall manage the bank account, provide a monthly statement and collect donations. The Members-at-Large shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Officers.

Voting by the Board may be done in person or by phone or other appropriate electronic means as determined by the Board. The Board shall take action with a simple majority vote. Only action by consent may be voted on via email.

On recommendation of the Board, the membership may increase the number of seats on the Board to seven (7) or nine (9) if approved by the membership at any regular meeting. Nominations for the new seats will be open and the members will elect the additional directors at the following meeting. The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes shall serve until the second annual meeting following their election and the candidate receiving the second highest number of votes shall serve until the next annual meeting.


The Advisory Committee shall consist of the Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, and any Members in attendance at its meetings. It shall meet monthly to advise the Board of Directors on any matters related to the purposes of the HTC.

The Advisory Committee meetings will be chaired by the HTC Chairperson, a board member or appointed facilitator. To vote on any recommendation the Committee makes to the HTC Board, an Advisory Committee member must have attended two (2) prior HTC meetings, one of which must have been an Advisory Committee meeting. The Committee member is then able to vote at the member’s third meeting.

The Board of Directors may, by majority vote, create ad hoc committees to achieve its purposes. Committees and their members cannot authorize spending or speak on behalf of the HTC without a majority vote of the Directors.


Persons living within HTC designated boundaries are allowed to vote on issues before the HTC. Voting on actions and motions before the Board will be conducted by hand-count. Directors may make a motion for a vote at any community meeting. Members may make a motion for a vote, if they have given one month’s advanced notice to the board of their intention to make the motion. This notice may be waived by a simple majority vote of the Directors.

A majority of members present at the monthly community meeting constitutes a quorum. Normal votes require a simple majority. Extraordinary measures, which are actions outside the ordinary course of business, require unanimous consent.


The bylaws may only be changed at the annual meeting. A motion to place amended bylaws on the March agenda must be made and seconded at the immediately previous February meeting. Any HTC member may make recommendations to amend the bylaws. Modifications of the bylaws will be determined by a simple majority vote of the members in attendance at the annual meeting.


The annual meeting will be conducted on the second Tuesday of March.

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