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HTC Partners

Partner Organizations

Collaboration and community spirit drive the Hillcrest Town Council (HTC) in our pursuit to enhance Hillcrest's vibrancy and inclusiveness.


We are honored to work alongside a network of dedicated partners who share our commitment to the neighborhood.

Our key partnerships include:

Driving the economic growth of Hillcrest, the Hillcrest Business Association is our key ally in supporting local businesses, enhancing our streetscapes, and contributing to the thriving commercial life of our community.

As collaborators with San Diego Pride, we join hands in celebrating diversity and promoting equality. The Pride Parade and Festival showcases Hillcrest's vibrant LGBTQ+ community but also remind us of our commitment to support and love one another.

In collaboration with the Uptown Community Parking District, we work to address parking issues and enhance transportation within Hillcrest, making our neighborhood more accessible and commuter-friendly.

Our partnership with the City of San Diego enables us to align our community initiatives with broader citywide goals. Through cooperation and shared vision, we work to enhance Hillcrest's livability, safety, and growth.

We're always looking to grow our community network. If your organization aligns with our values and you'd like to explore partnership opportunities, please contact us.

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